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If you are thinking about choosing 'The Pilates Pathway” , you are taking the important first step in realizing your fitness, rehab or “movement for a lifetime” goals. Our studio gives you the opportunity to customize your program and monitor your progress through a variety of workouts built exclusively for you. We teach gentle stretching to assist you with the Pilates exercise.


The Pilates Pathway offers equipment for all people and all backgrounds. You will learn and train with the very best at your speed while giving you a comprehensive education in Pilates. We believe our studio is the best, most diverse studio in the community. We are very proud of our studio, it is not just gorgeous, it is a studio built for you. The Pilates Pathway wants you to succeed. Come in and experience expert assistance, a top knowledge staff who is friendly, fun and just waiting to offer a healthy vibrant workout created just for you!



- Linda Cusanelli
- Marybeth McKenna

- Michelle Turkenburg

- Teresa Budvarson

Linda Cusanelli, Owner

Linda received a Bachelor of Music degree with a major in Opera Performance in 1979 from the University of Southern California, and spent 30 years performing as a professional opera singer through out the US and Canada. She started Pilates at the age of 47 trying to alleviate her chronic back pain. Three visits a week to a chiropractor and still in pain was no longer an option. She became addicted to Pilates, and received her first Pilates certification from Rael Isacowitz of Body Arts and Sciences International to teach all apparatus as well as mat work in May 2005. She began teaching for Spectrum Athletic Clubs the day after graduating. She also became the principal instructor for Pilates at the Equinox Fitness Center in Rolling Hills Estates, teaching both mat and apparatus in September 2006, and also joined the staff of Evolve Rehabilitation and Pilates in October of the same year. Also in 2006, she received her certification from Pilates Method Alliance. From there, she opened her own studio in Southern California in 2009. She has since crossed trained with Stott Pilates through John Gary and PJ O’Clair. As she became more interested in Pilates as a tool for rehabilitation and to alleviate chronic problems rather than just a form of exercise, it was back to school. She currently holds certifications to teach Pilates for geriatrics, osteoporosis, post mastectomy, post rehabilitation, pre and post natal, and sport specific training. She is a 1st generation master trainer of Core Align, a new apparatus dealing with dynamic stability created by physical therapist Jonathan Hoffman and developed and marketed by Balanced Body. She also holds a certification to train on the Core Fitness Roller, a core based system that incorporates balance and strength training in one portable unit, developed by Darya Bronston. The CFR has been called the "most innovative fitness product in decades" by leading fitness professionals.


“I want Pilates to teach people how to use their bodies correctly; to learn what muscle should do what job, when and how to engage it, so they can take Pilates outside of the studio and apply it to any and everything they do!”





Marybeth McKenna

Marybeth McKenna received her training and certification from Stott Pilates at John Garey's Pilates Studio in Long Beach, California. After receiving her certification, she remained in California for a year to continue studying and teaching at John Garey's Studio and Breakthru Fitness in Pasadena. Missing Idaho, Marybeth returned to Coeur d’Alene' and resumed her teaching at Pilates Pathway. She has expanded her teaching to Blackrock and has worked with a physical therapy clinic over the last five years as a massage therapist, Pilate's instructor and a therapy technician dealing with rehabilitation.


In addition she trained from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in California as a personal fitness instructor. She continues to take Technique Workshops: Core Conditioning, Integrated Stretching, Rehabilitation from Marie Jose-Lawrence, Stott Pilates Golf and Racquet Sports on the reformer, Athletic Conditioning, Injury and Special Populations to mention a few. "As a certified instructor we are always learning and participating in workshops." Marybeth's latest adventure in learning was to become a white belt in NIA.

Michelle Turkenburg

Michelle Turkenburg has a BS in dental hygiene and after 28 years decided to take a different path for helping people with their health. She discovered Pilates 6 years ago and became so inspired by it she studied to become a certified instructor in mat, the reformer, and the Cadillac. "Pilates is like no other exercise you will ever do. I have done aerobics, kickboxing, weight lifting, spinning, and other activities but none have given me the awareness of individual muscle use, mind body connection, or feeling of power that Pilates has given me. It is my desire to give my clients the same passion for Pilates that I have found in a fun, knowledgeable atmosphere.


Teresa Budvarson

I have been a fitness instructor for 36 years, that has included teaching aerobics, circuit training, personal training and pilates for the last 6 years. These years have taken me to many different places to teach but I must say teaching at pilates pathway has been the best. I have furthered my education by working in the dental industry for 37 year as well. This has led me to look at health in a very broad perspective which has led me to wellness consulting along with teaching. I believe the body needs to be addressed on all levels to be healthy. It is my goal to educate everyone to a new level of health and fitness.


The Pilates Pathway
5920 N. Government Way,
Suite 3
Dalton Gardens, ID 83815


The Pilates Pathway
5920 N. Government Way Suite 3
Dalton Gardens, ID 83815

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