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An extraordinary variety of exercise possibilities are available at “The Pilates Pathway”. We offer exercise and rehabilitation for all ages and abilities. At The Pilates Pathway, classes range from pure Pilates to Core Conditioning, Booty Barre, Strength Training, and Floor Exercise. All classes are taught by certified instructors, able to assist you in understanding the movements involved in each exercise no matter what class you take. Each class gives you an amazing workout and you will not be bored!!! Many routines will target specific muscle groups while others will focus on cardio vascular training as well as stretching. Any class you choose will help reducing stress and improving your over-all well being. The Pilates Pathway is the ultimate in the mind-body connection, giving all of our clients the best mental and physical challenge of their lives!



- Private Sessions
- Semiprivate Sessions
- Mat Class
- Reformer Classes

- Core Align
- Pilates Stick
- Booty Barre Classes
- Pilates Bootcamp

- Power Pilates
- Core Fitness Roller

Private Sessions

One on one sessions that include an evaluation of posture/alignment with a mix of reformer and Pilates equipment. Clients often are not ready for class yet, many have just finished Rehab or have special unique needs, we want to have the safest exercise program for you.

Semiprivate Sessions

Compatible sessions for 2- 3 students. Clients are matched by their skill level. Class is a dynamic pace suited to goals of the participants.

Mat Class

Class size is limited to ten, giving you individual attention and a sense of mental/physical accomplishment. The Pilates Pathway classes consist of classic Pilates work or a workout using large exercise balls, weighted balls, resistance bands, flex rings and small weights if applicable.

Your first class is free giving you the opportunity to know the quality of instructors and we can help you decide what classes are best for you.

Reformer Class

Reformer classes are a great start to get acquainted with Pilates equipment. Reformer exercise will lengthen and strengthen your muscles with the addition of spring resistance.

Core Align

The Core Align, a totally unique exercise system, is designed to improve posture, balance, and functional movement patterns. It encourages core stability muscles to activate in the proper sequence while performing challenging exercises, deep stretches, and aerobic training.


Pilates Stick

A sculpturing system that allows the work usually reserved for the reformer/traptable at a cost savings for the client. Pilates stick adds interesting resistance to the Pilates mat and other exercise.

Booty Barre Classes

Booty Barre classes combines the strengthening principles of Pilates, the grace and movement of dance, the stretching benefits of Yoga with a variety of cardio sculpturing moves. The core is challenged while working thru a wide variety of movement while using a Ballet Bar. The upbeat music gives you the encouragement to keep pushing yourself while having fun and reaping the rewards of Cardio and Pilates!

Pilates Bootcamp

A group class that includes reformer as well as squats, lunges and pushups. Bootcamp Pilates incorporates weight training plus cardio with core activation. This system is very popular as a fitness based exercise demanding balance, stability and core control.

Power Pilates

Power Pilates is a high intensity workout that incorporates cardio-fitness, mat and Pilates apparatus. A fun 90 minute class designed for sculpturing and defining while you are pumped, sweating and begging for more!!!!!

Core Fitness Roller

The Core Fitness Roller (CFR) enhances core stabilization and balance while strengthening all muscle groups. CFR provides a challenging, fun workout as you. Exercises can be performed prone, sitting, kneeling, or standing to challenge you while developing more efficient movement patterns, gaining strength, range of motion, balance, and flexibility.


The Pilates Pathway
5920 N. Government Way, Suite 3
Dalton Gardens, ID 83815



The Pilates Pathway
5920 N. Government Way, Suite 3
Dalton Gardens, ID 83815

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